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Store Everything in the Cloud with Google Drive

Google Drive is your cloud storage solution. When working remote, Google Drive could be very useful for a few reasons: if you had been storing everything in your Drive pre-pandemic, you would find all your files exactly where you stored them, despite whichever device you are using to log in. During pandemic, it will become very useful to store and collaborate on files with others across locations and devices. Post pandemic, when you return to the office, you can still rely on Google Drive to be your Cloud Storage solution. Future proofing yourself from being having files stored on a specific device that may get lost or stolen... now everything can be stored in the Cloud and you can access files from any device (even mobile)!

Google Drive Getting Started Guide (Covid-19 Response)

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Collaborating on MS Files (Covid-19 Response)

Guide: Collaborating on MS Files Using Google Drive

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Adding New Items in Google Drive

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